Automotive Innovations launches, touting affordability & ROI of 6 dealership tools


There’s another AI in the automotive technology space.

Automotive Innovations (Ai), which goes by the same acronym as artificial intelligence, launched its suite of dealership tools on Monday. According to a news release, Ai offers an all-in-one solution that can allow dealers to replace multiple tools, increase profits and get real-time visibility into their business.

The company explained its 360-degree operating solution offers one platform with an entire spectrum of automotive services to increase sales and gross profits in the showroom, F&I office and service drive, “all at a fraction of the price of acquiring these solutions independently.”

Industry veteran Hoss Devine began creating Ai in 2016 after identifying the need to consolidate all of a dealer’s supporting technology under one platform. After a successful pilot, Ai is now in broad release for all dealers to deliver meaningful real-time, actionable data to executive-level and front-line management.

Devine said his format is designed so dealers can digest and act on it to positively impact business in the moment — not in retrospect. He believes his platform is unique because it provides six products in one.

“Dealerships have a lot of technology solutions but for us car guys it goes back to wanting easy-to-use products that offer immediate visibility into our business so we’re not managing by looking in the rearview mirror,” Devine said in the news release. “Ai pulls information from the dealer’s core systems and feeds that data into performance to easily identify and act on the critical KPIs that are most important and impactful to their bottom line.

“There’s no reason dealers should have to download data from multiple technology providers and consolidate it into spreadsheets they have to build just to be able to look at data in a way that’s meaningful to them,” Devine went on to say. “Our solution removes that time-consuming task and frees dealers and their teams to manage their business with the real-time intelligence they need.”

Ai’s software can allow dealership management to know in the moment exactly what’s happening with fixed and variable operations, used car reconditioning, F&I, sales, and scheduling. Managers can stop managing by results and instead use real-time data and manage desired outcomes in the moment while opportunities are still viable. 

With more tools under development, the platform currently has six products, including:

• OpsVision: The flagship business analytics software can combine data from a dealer’s current systems with artificial intelligence to populate interactive and drillable dashboards for variable and fixed ops to deliver actionable data and pinpoint possible trouble spots — complete with mobile alerts.

• Recon Central: Recon software can organize, consolidate and connect the process to management to provide a real-time snapshot of vehicles, estimated KPIs and inefficiencies in the process, all accessible by desktop, tablet and mobile device.

• SmartChoice: The interactive, intelligent and innovative digital F&I menu is driven solely by a customer’s personal ownership and driving habits, with dealer pricing control, live menu reconfiguration and e-contracting.

• DayTracker: Can bring organization to chaos with a shared scheduling solution that allows salespeople, service advisors and management to create appointments without conflict and feature them on display monitors in the showroom and service drive.

• SmartDesk: A seamless custom desktop integration that is compatible with DMS providers and requires no monthly maintenance fee.

• Ai University: The learning management system for onboarding staff, custom training, meetings in a box and the ability to track staff course completion and score to stay on top of additional training needs.

“We know car guys because we are car guys,” Devine said. “Ai is the direct product of what we wanted to manage a dealership. It makes data analysis a snap, delivers quality reporting, is easy to use, and costs as much as 50% less than the solutions it replaces. It takes car guys to deliver what car guys need.”

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