The Complete Guide To Automotive Subscription Features

Toyota offers subscriptions for items such as SiriusXM and Connected Services features – from Safety Connect, Service and Remote Connect convenience services, as well as WiFi. Those services are offered with trial periods from 1 to 3 years from the date of purchase. After those trial periods are up, they cost $80 per year or $8 per month.

Toyota Safety Connect is like GM’s OnStar. It features automatic collision notification, enhanced roadside assistance, an emergency assistance button, and a stolen vehicle locator. Remote Connect is an app for your phone to check in on vehicle status, start your car remotely, check on charging status and location, and initiate climate control before you get in. Finally, there’s destination assist, which lets you call a representative to get directions.

“However, later this year we will be introducing an all-new multimedia system which will introduce more advanced features, including OTA (over-the-air) updates for features such as navigation and other convenience items to allow both Lexus and Toyota owners to have an always updated, continuously improved in-vehicle multimedia experience,” said Toyota’s Corey Proffitt. “Details on servicing and packaging are not available yet, unfortunately.”