This 216-piece Craftsman tool kit has everything you need for $119

Not to mention having a 3-drawer case makes it easy to find the tools, too

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tools Kit with 3 Drawer Box, 216-Piece for $119 at Amazon

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tools Kit with 3 Drawer Box, 216-Piece for $119 at Amazon

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I grew up in a Craftsman home. Not the architectural style that’s popular in California — no, that was a prefabricated home in suburban Ohio. When I say a Craftsman home, I mean my dad owned and used a lot of hand tools from Sears. 

In fact, Craftsman still makes hand tools, and you can get a ton of them at a low price right now on Amazon: This 216-piece Mechanics Tool Kit is going for $119 on Amazon right now.

216-Piece Mechanics Tools Kit with 3 Drawer Box



What comes in a 216-piece mechanics tool kit? Glad I asked that rhetorical question:

  • 111 shallow and deep 6 PT sockets,
  • Three drive ratchets: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2-in
  • Two 3/8-in drive spark plug sockets
  • 14 combination wrenches
  • Eight ratchet accessories
  • 33 specialty bits
  • 28 hex keys
  • 16 nut bits 
  • One magnetic nut driver 

In short: You get every socket and wrench you’d need to work on a car or home project and then some. The last thing you want is to realize you need a metric socket when you’ve only got a standard set or vice versa. And with enough ratchets and wrenches, the tool kit lets you work with both hands to tighten and loosen just about any fitting.

Each piece is coated in a full polish chrome finish to prevent corrosion, and the drawers make it easy to find your tools without rooting around. And while Sears and Craftsman aren’t the same company they were back when I was a kid…well, you’re looking at a full tool kit for under $120. Plus, you’re not my dad.